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TeDi Alexa Smart Hub

Product ID : TeDi Alexa-SLT Offer

Rs. 25,000.00
Rs. 14,000.00

Product Description :

TeDi Alexa, the AI integrated smart device that will help you with anything from searching the web, guarding your home, sending e-mails and so much more! All with simple voice commands.

  • control all your smart devices with voice
  • Search the internet with voice
  • Listen to music
  • Guard your home
  • Personal virtual assistant
  • Alexa built-in voice / AI service
  • ¬†over 95% voice recognition accuracy within 5 meters
  • Built in IR function providing ability to direct communicate¬† with Infra red controlled devices in the vicinity.
  • Included popular Tvs, Set up boxes, air-conditioners and many other items IR code library.
  • IR Learning feature

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