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TeDi Vacuum Robot

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TeDi Vacuum Robot
Sold by :
The Connection workshop (pvt) Ltd

Rs. 81,895.00

Product Description :

The robot vacuum cleaner will do map navigation automatically for the whole area. The App will show the area that is being cleaned on real-time.

2D Map Navigation Bionic Algorithm

The robot vacuum cleaner will do map navigation automatically for the whole area. The App will show the area that is being cleaned on real time.

TeDiSmart App — Bringing Technology to your palm!

The cleaning path is visible on the mobile app so you could know the cleaning at a glance.

Ability to adjust the cleaning modes at any time as you want while app will show all past records of Robots cleaning.

TeDiSmart Robot can also respond to voice commands using Amazon Alexa.

Just Say " Alexa, Ask Robot Vacuum to Clean" and TeDiSmart will humbly proceed to command!

Smart Chip Imported from Japan

Does cleaning as or even better than human beings.

  • Intelligent partition cleaning providing efficient cleaning for the whole house.

The robot vacuum will do partition of the cleaning area while calculating the size of the room automatically.

  • Make up any missing area thoroughly as the robot memorizes what has been cleaned and where it has not, robot will ensure that there is no uncleaned area once cleaning is completed.

Smart Features that only TeDismart provide

  • trong suction motor helps wipe out even tiny dust on the surface.

Fan assembly with high suction power and low noise, floating central brush and dynamic side brushes make cleaning easy, efficient and convenient.

  • V-shaped brush provides a deep clean

The floor joints where dust hides and hard to clean. V-shaped floating roller brush collects the dust by clinging to the floor to do the cleaning.

  • Long Life Li-ion Battery

The Li-ion battery enables the robot to clean continuously for long periods while providing efficient re-charging cycles.

  • Remote operation. Now TeDiSmart robot can be scheduled to clean the apartment while the guests are away or while sleeping! TeDiSmart app will provide real time update
  • on the on the cleaning status where ever in the world you are!
  • Cleaning Record. TeDiSmart app will retain all cleaning records of the robot.
  • TeDiSmart Robot will not fall off a staircase! Built in height detection system will trigger the robot to turn back when it detects another floor level.
  • Choice of connected Smart Features. Using smart connected devices like the Fan controller, AC controller, these devices will automatically switch off when TeDiSmart Robot is Cleaning. 


  • - Over 1800 psa suction power
    - Edge cleaning
    - Auto cleaning
    - Spot cleaning
    - Auto re-charge feature 
    - Accessory for mopping 
    - Voice activation & TeDiSmart app control