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ALCATEL T16 CLI Slim Phone

Product ID : ALCATEL T16 CLI Slim Phone

Rs. 6,100.00
Rs. 5,485.00

Product Description :

With the ultra-compact footprint and simplistic yet elegant design, Alcatel T16 adapts itself to any living environments.

Featuring the Caller ID* function with its numeric display (numbers only), and an access to a 10-memory phonebook , Alcatel T16 is an environmentally friendly product with BATTERY-FREE technology. Alcatel T16 offers a dedicated key to automatically redial the last called number and it offers an adjustable handset volume (3 levels, high, mid, low).

It can be installed everywhere or mounted onto a wall which makes it ideal for home, as well as hotel rooms, meeting rooms, supermarkets.

  • Numeric display
  • Redial key
  • 10 memory phonebook
  • Wall mountable

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