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PowerLast Power Backup

Product ID : PowerLast Power Packup

Rs. 5,395.00

Product Description :

Power Bank solution for Fibre, ADSL and 4G/LTE Routers ( NOTE: This item supports routers with an input voltage of 12V)

  • High-quality Li-Ion Battery.

  • Higher product quality and durability. 

  • Self-replaceable battery.

  • Plug and Play use.

  • Running hours


Up Time

Fiber Router

4 – 6 hours

ADSL Router

5 - 6 Hours

4G Router

5 - 6 Hours

Designed and manufactured by R&D unit of SLT-Mobitel. 06 months warranty. 




Input Voltage

12 V DC

Output Voltage

12 V DC

Input Current

1.5 A

Output current

2.0 A

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