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SWISSVOICE XTRA 1110 Elders Phone


Rs. 7,575.00
Rs. 6,060.00

Product Description :
  • PHOTO BUTTONS - 6 large photo memory buttons including SOS button, allows the user to clearly see who they are trying to contact. Elderly friends and relatives are now only a click away from containing their nearest and dearest.
  • LARGE BUTTONS - Photo memory buttons and dialling keys are all extra large, displaying photos and numbers. Ideal for the visually impaired or unsteady hands of any older relatives of friends in need of a bit of extra help.
  • EXTRA LOUD -This home telephone has an adjustable ringer volume that can be increased up to 80 db. That is the equivalent to a car wash or electric blender. Volume is also easily adjustable. The 1110 is also hearing aid compatible.
  • CALL INDICATOR - Large built in LED incoming call indicator allows all incoming calls to be easily seen! Meaning any calls are a lot less likely to be missed.
  • SWISSVOICE - Swissvoice are proud to develop a range of products to simplify and improve the lives of the hard of hearing and sight, to help keep families and friends connected. Specialising in landline phones, mobile phones and doorbells. 

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