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Prolink HCD303 CLI Telephone

Product ID : Prolink HCD303

Rs. 7,700.00

Product Description :

CLI telephone 

  • FSK/DTMF compatible, FSK auto-adjust incoming time
  • 16 ring tones, ting tones can close(Do Not Disturb)
  • Remove control the ring
  • Predialing, recall
  • Ring and speaker volume adjustable
  • Out code, long distance code and local area code setting
  • Alarm function
  • LCD contrast 16 level adjustable
  • BABYCALL function
  • Anti-steal dial, anti-EMI and thunder-proof
  • Record 99 incoming calls(16 digits), 46 outgoing calls(12 digits) and 6 VIP    calls (16 digits), which you can review, redial and delete if necessary.

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