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Product ID : PROLINK ALEXA Smart Speaker

Rs. 24,975.00

Product Description :

Sonority II is not just a home companion, but also a home assistant that complements and controls your smart home with both Spotify Connect and Alexa Built-in.

Play your favourite music, stay updated with the latest news and weather forecast, turn your Sonority II into a game master, or even use it as an education assistant with your kids and so many more; all in your control with a simple voice command.


Signal Noise - 80db

Channels / Frequency - 2.4GHz: 1 ~ 11 (2412 - 2462 MHz)

Channel Bandwidth - 2.4GHz: 20/40MHz

Frequency- 2.4GHz Wireless N

Transmit Power

  • 802.11b: Up to 20dBm(Max.)
  • 802.11g: Up to18dBm(Max.)
  • 802.11n: Up to15dBm(Max.)

Battery Capacity - 7.4V 2000MAH

Play Time

  • 50% Volume: 8Hours
  • 100% Volume: 4Hours

Speaker Drive - 2.5Inch*2pcs

Power Adaptor - 5V/2A

Peak Power - 5W*2

Mic Quantity - 2pcs

Data Bundles

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