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Huion Kamvas Pro 24 Drawing Tablet

Product ID :

Huion Kamvas Pro 24
Sold by :
Syntegrity Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

Rs. 256,530.00

Product Description :

4K screen to expand your viewing experience.

The screen of Kamvas Pro 24(4K) is as large as 23.8inch, which allows users to split the screen like having two monitors and hence ensure a more efficient device for creation. Besides, 4K UHD resolution enhances the overall display quality, allowing picture to be displayed more naturally and clearly.

  • 4K resolution enables vivid and detailed presentation
  • 10bit (8Bit+FRC) color depth and 1.07 billion display colors ensure vivid color performance.
  • 140% sRGB wide color gamut (QLED technology).
  • Full lamination + Anti-glare etched glass.
  • High Dynamic Range(HDR) technology can automatically adjust the display for better performance.
  • Digital pen PW517 that developed based on PenTech3.0 feels more natural and comfortable.
  • Industry-leading pressure sensitivity level and responsive report rate.
  • Mini keydial KD100 brings streamlined workflow.