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NasCloud A1 Cloud Storage Adaptor

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Nas I Cloud A1Storage
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Rs. 11,640.00

Product Description :

A1 is a USB cloud storage specially designed for family or use, which allows to convert your hard disk/SSD/pendrive into private cloud storage. A1 supports one-button backup from your smart devices such as mobile phones, tablet, etc., to the A1.

  • It is a kind of data storage solution that make hard disk/SSD/pendrive a private cloud storage.
  • An USB NAS adapter that can turn external USB storage into network access very easily, taking only several to set up A1 and then you can access your data in the HDD, SSD or USB drive plugged to A1 anywhere.
  • All video & photos can be backup automatically, and supports one-click smart backup design, free storage space.
  • Supports 4-6 person to access at the same time via mobile phones, pc, etc.
  • Encrypted space, allows to share the private files, with no limits on network speed.
  • Compatible for Windows/Linux/ OS/Android 7, or iOS 8.0 Version or above.