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IIoT Development Kit

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IIoT Development Kit
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Rs. 10,785.00

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The IIoT Development Kit serves as a beginner-friendly development board, equipped with built-in NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity to elevate the efficiency and excellence of IoT applications. Furthermore, the Development Kit library offers streamlined functions for utilizing NB-IoT connectivity from any operator, encompassing all NB-IoT feature.

  • ESP32 wroom S with FTDI USB to serial converter
  • NB-IoT, Wi-Fi , BT
  • Multiple Power Inputs
  • Separate USB interface for SIM7020X module
  • Programable with Arduino IDE
  • CUCC Cloud/Ayla Cloud/Ali Cloud FOTA EAT
  • B1/B3/B5/B8
  • Uplink: 62.5Kbps Downlink:26.15Kbps