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Anniversary Gift Voucher

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Anniversary Gift Voucher - Rs.2,000 + convenience fee
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Rs. 2,236.00

Product Description : multi-store gift voucher is the perfect gift for any occasion!

In partnership with, SLT-MOBITEL eTeleshop now offers gift vouchers.

Rs.236 ( convenience fee + taxes) will be charged per voucher and added to the voucher value. 

How to purchase? 

  1. Choose your voucher type, denomination and complete the online purchase.
  2. The recipient will receive the voucher code via email, SMS or both mediums as you prefer. 

Order processing time ( Voucher code delivery via email/sms)

  1. Team will process eTeleshop orders within 12 hours.

How to redeem?

  1. Redeem with Facebook/Instagram merchants
  2. At physical stores
  3. Online on e-commerce sites

Recipients can redeem the voucher at over 85 merchants partnered with Visit the merchant list. 

Customer support/complaints

  • Related to voucher code usage/error etc  :  Visit or call hotline 0750 100 500
  • Related to eTeleshop order:  Visit our Contact Us page.
How to Redeem

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